Erm, technical help?

What I want is to get the table on page 51 of this .pdf into a form that I can stick it in a blog post.

Cut and paste doesn\’t work, the formatting gets lost.

Printing to a .prn file does something I know not what.

So, err, how do I get Table 2 into a form that I can stick into blogging software?

Technologically ignorant middle aged man would like to meet geek……..


Excellent, OK, thanks, I have this now. And, err, with the near dozen versions I now have it appears that this blog is better than the Geek Squad…..


9 thoughts on “Erm, technical help?”

  1. I’m no techy either Tim, but I tend to do a ‘Crtl + Prt Scrn’ then paste it into paintbrush. Then I use thew snapshop tool to cut and paste out the bit I want then you can save it in a variety of formats – or even add some arrows and annotations etc.

  2. Try SumatraPDF (open source). I’m using 1.4 and copy/paste works on that PDF. Select as normal and use CTL-C to copy as “copy” is not in the menu.

  3. My first suggestion might not have been that useful in hindsight.

    If you want the data in a spreadsheet use one of the free pdf to html converters on the net. Then copy and paste the table into a spreadsheet.

  4. Acrobat Pro can copy it to a .csv file, importable into Excel. Let me know if you need the .csv or Excel file.

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