Parents will be stripped of the right to object to the expansion of grammar schools, under a new school admissions code laid before parliament.

Campaigners against academic selection say this could force some schools into a battle for survival as grammars expand to take on their neighbours\’ best-performing pupils.

The education secretary, Michael Gove, is scrapping restrictions on the expansion of the most popular schools. The move means weaker schools will come under increased financial pressure as their pupil numbers dwindle.

For this is really what markets do well. No, not reward the excellent, but eliminate the shite.

And yes, I think we really rather would like to eliminate the shite schools which is why we should have a market in them.

2 thoughts on “Excellent!”

  1. The whole thing is bizarre.

    There was an article in the Evening Standard today, which

    a) claimed that private schools benefit from charitable status (yes they do, but the value per pupil is a couple of hundred quid a year, rather less than what state schools get per pupil) and therefore they ‘should’ do something in return.

    b) BUT it would be wrong of private schools to hand out more free places to bright-but-poor kids (which is a condescending concept in itself) because that would dilute the quality of kids in state schools (which is nonsense anyway, and speaking as a bright-but-poor kid who got a free place to a good private school, who the heck am I to want to deny this to others?)

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