I can think of a few people this applies to


Place your choice for the Dogbert characvter in real life……

2 thoughts on “I can think of a few people this applies to”

  1. I think that quite a lot of our real-life (UK) Dogberts aren’t in it for the American dream of a billion or two – that would be too much effort and far too much like work.

    A comfortable and non-taxing sinecure, say chief tax polemicist to a tax-empowered EU (you know who) or graphics advisor to the National Statistician (our favourite innumerate Irish feminist historian). On a mere 100k + pension & a K or C-something (not for republican Irish, of course). For a couple of days a week, no more.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    I would be in it just for a chance to reduce some of these people to a tank tread stain.

    The babes, the glory, the place in the history books and the money would be purely secondary.

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