I like this strategy

instant dismissal with no pension for any Civil Servant who has unauthorised dealings with European bureaucrats or politicians

And \”unauthorised\” should be expanded to anyone who even says good morning to one without the necessary appendage \”you hateful foreign person you\”.

Or would that be going just a tad too far? Maybe we could relax it to just \”you foreign person you\” as the rest is understood to be there?


13 thoughts on “I like this strategy”

  1. Dismiss from the Commons and the Lords anyone receiving an EU pension, on the grounds that its terms require them to act as traitors.

  2. I am doing my bit for the UK in spreading sedition and disharmony against EU technocracy on the blogosphere and in MSM. I am gratified that I am getting high double digit likes for my efforts.

  3. And after all that, the Foreign Office can happily revert back to referring to non-white British subjects as ‘a bunch of Man-Fridays’ while forcibly expelling them from their homes to make way for an American Naval Base in the Indian Ocean.

  4. Be fair to the French – they follow the rules that they make.

    @Unity. The Diego Garcia deal was set up by Wilson’s 1966 government.

  5. Hi Dearieme,

    I’ve heard about these terms before, but never seen any hard evidence.

    Do you have a link I could use?


  6. I don’t have a link; I base my suggestion on the frequently repeated claim that an eu pensioner can have his pension revoked if he’s found to have taken action inimical to the interests of the eu. If it ain’t true, then so be it. It’s certainly plausible, but that doesn’t take us very far.

  7. 4 – Steve T

    Article 10 (96) of Annex 9 of the EU staff regulations (accessible at ec.europa.eu/civil_service/docs/toc100_en.pdf ) concerning disciplinary procedures begins as follows:

    The severity of the disciplinary penalties imposed shall be commensurate with the seriousness of the misconduct. To determine the seriousness of the misconduct and to decide upon the disciplinary penalty to be
    imposed, account shall be taken in particular of:

    (a) the nature of the misconduct and the circumstances in which it occurred,

    (b) the extent to which the misconduct adversely affects the integrity, reputation or interests of the institutions,

    The regulations do not define what is included in “integrity” or “reputation” or “interests” but I suspect they would encompass anything which is not 100% supportive of the “project”.

  8. Another exaple of the Uk preoccupation with’sacking’ people for not being agreeable to the would be sacker.
    There is a big world out there. Who can they talk to?

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