I wonder who they could have in mind?

The permanent secretary has already said he will retire, but the rot at the top reaches beyond one individual. The priority must be to bring in non-executive directors who can speak for taxpayers, workers and civil society and challenge those of the over-represented voice of the business world – and make sure it pays its dues.

Prem and Ritchie I think, don\’t you?

Actually, I think I\’d like to see that happen too. Reading the minutes (because of course they would all be terribly transparent, wouldn\’t they) would be a source of endless amusement.

What do you mean that the amount of tax I think they should pay isn\’t what the law says they should pay?

3 thoughts on “I wonder who they could have in mind?”

  1. the number of court cases would explode…and there is a limit to how many cases HMRC can handle at any one time, given how many potential litigants there would be. I suspect that it might be sufficient to provoke the tax paying classes to revolt.

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