It\’s quite easy to parse this

Chris Huhne: Britain should lead the world in cutting carbon emissions
Chris Huhne has called for Britain to lead the world in cutting carbon emissions, setting himself on a collision course with George Osborne, the Chancellor.

This is to allow Chris Huhne to walk tall among the environmentalists. To accept, nay demand, their praise and applause after he comes out of jail for perverting the course of justice.

Damn the costs to the rest of us, damn whether a 20% or30% cut in anything at all is needed, damn whether it even happens or not.

By demanding it, regardless of the cost (and for a certain type of greenie, the higher the cost the better), Huhne has guaranteed himself speaking fees and adulation to the end of his days.

Public choice economics, it explains so much about the world.

3 thoughts on “It\’s quite easy to parse this”

  1. Or just call Hanlon’s Razor?

    Although I haven’t got that much experience of politicians, my views into the public and private sector, from the near-ultimately cynical point of view of the consultant called in when it has all gone horribly wrong would lead me to believe that a fair proportion of them would be, if not actually stupid, at least manifestly ignorant.

    I’m quite happy to believe that they are often self-serving (as we all are – whether we believe ourselves to be acting ‘for the good of others’ or are less deluded) and, if not deliberately mendacious, usually venially “on message” – which, practically, is difficult to tell from the former.

  2. It is always far too easy to think that your opponent is dishonest, (see how “sceptics” are treated for instance), but I have to admit I struggle in giving any honest interpretation to Huhne’s actions. His policies aren’t internally consistent and he must know this, so dishonesty at one end or the other appears to be the only explanation.

  3. Would it also be “perverting the course of justice” if thousands of us wrote to the Judge asking that, in addition to time, Huhne’s punishment should include any future earnings from speaking, writing, public engagements etc to be paid over to a pro-science, anti-green think-tank of our choice. Or perhaps Matt Ridley –someone like that.

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