My word, these arguments do look familiar

Now the Lords\’ European Union Committee has attacked the FTT, questioning its viability. In a letter to Treasury minister Mark Hoban, Lord Roper, the Lords committee\’s chairman, said: \”We note with concern the EC\’s impact assessment concludes that the tax is likely to induce a loss in GDP between five and 20 times larger then the revenues raised.\”…….However, the Lords committee said it \”remained to be convinced such a tax would reduce instability in the market or prevent another financial crisis\”…….

I wonder who briefed them on these points?

2 thoughts on “My word, these arguments do look familiar”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Plagiarised by the House of Lords? Indeed that is a strong sign the Worstalls have arrived.


    Tim adds: Well, not plagiarism. That IEA report I did was submitted as evidence to the committee.

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