No, not the right way to do it

In an attempt to make it easier for children to be placed with loving families, a panel of experts from the adoption sector has been set up to overhaul the rules.

Who has concocted the current cat\’s cradle of ideologically motivated stupidities?

The experts in adoption.

Getting said experts to overhaul the rules will simply lead to the current stupidities being entrenched into the system.

We used to have an adoption system that, from the child\’s point of view, worked rather well. It had the most essential of all characteristics, that it was swift.

Matches weren\’t entirely accurate it has to be said, around where I come from a Maltese couple who were 5 foot on a good day ended up with a teenage daughter heading for 6 foot by the time she was 15. Racial considerations were not all that worried about: partly, admittedly, because there weren\’t that many different skin colours around to worry about.

But it did work in a rough and ready but above all fast fashion. Asking the experts who broke it to fix it seems a little odd.

Personally I\’d grab a few of the nuns who have been doing this for 40 years and tell them to write the rules. When they\’re done, without the intervention of any priests and certainly keeping the bishops out of the way, then just add the relevant clauses about same sex adoption and we\’re done.

Screw the academics above all.

9 thoughts on “No, not the right way to do it”

  1. I’ve had a lot of contact with these contemptible ‘experts’. They are ideologues. They are the reason that my wife and I, despite being loving, intelligent and financially OK, are living childless, whilst a child we may have adopted is growing up at this precise moment in care.

  2. ……make it easier for children to be placed with loving families……

    By default, almost, isn’t anyone mad enough to want to take responsibility for someone else’s sprog likely to provide a loving home?

  3. You say that matches weren’t accurate with a child who ended up being 6′, being placed with 5′ parents. I say that could have been an accurate match if the parents loved the child and the child looked on the adults as her legitmate parents.

    As for skin colour, ignore it. Place black kids with white parents and white kids with black parents. We are already getting children born to parents who are black and white. It’s not an major issue any more.

    As for trying to keep national identity, ignore that too. Currently a child with Kenyan birth parents has to ideally be placed with Kenyan adoptive parents (or that’s what it seems). Why? The child is British and so racial background has little to say about the child’s future. We already have children born to 2nd generation immigrants, are they still Pakistani or British?

  4. I’ll give the pols the benefit of the doubt and assume they genuinely want reform in this area. But this government is showing a worrying naievity about the State they are apparently running.

    Do they really not realise that the people who made the system are the worst possible people to entrust reform to?

    The Coalition remind me of Jim Hacker having rings run around him by Sir Humphrey.

  5. The purpose of the experts is to eventually de- legitimise parenthood.
    So the state can have primary control of all children.

  6. So Much For Subtlety

    PaulB – “Do you mean nuns like these?”

    “The Sisters of Mercy were named as the chief among the institutes under whose care girls “endured frequent assaults and humiliation designed to make them feel worthless … personal and family denigration was widespread”.[5]”

    Designed to make them feel worthless?

    The horror, the horror.

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