Not the most compelling logical statement

“Anyone who has ever seen a sonogram or has spent even an hour with a textbook on embryology knows” that pro-life women are on to something when they recoil at the idea of the “disposable fetus.” Hmmmm… that must be why most OB-GYNs are pro-choice…..

Ob/Gyn, in the modern world, involves performing abortions. It would be unlikely for someone to enter that profession without being in favour of their sometimes being performed.

2 thoughts on “Not the most compelling logical statement”

  1. I believe that Ob/Gyn, in both the US and the UK, has a moral belief exception for abortion. I’d appreciate it is less likely as a career choice but not actually impossible.

  2. Sorry Tim, one does not need to believe in abortion to work in obs and gobs.

    One can excuse oneself from such activities.

    Tim adds: No, that’s not quite what I mean. It’s enough of the job that those opposed are more likely to choose some other branch of medicine.

    I do not mean that there will never be an Ob against abortion….Ron Paul is evidence of that alone. Only that given the prevalence of abortion in modern Ob, those vehemently opposed are going to be under represented in those who are Obs.

    To use another example entirely. Widdicombe said she would never accept ministerial office in the NHS. For it performs abortions, which she opposes, and thus she simply could not be a minister in charge of such. Now, her point, forget about it for a moment. Just think, if all potential ministers thought that, acted that way, then polling health department ministers on their attitude to abortion would not give a valid representation of all ministers on abortion, would it?

    Or, when we had it, Home Office Ministers on the death penalty……

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