Occupy still not getting it, are they?

Is the financial industry also up to the challenge of transparency and openness? We already know about the position of the City of London Corporation: they\’ve had the last thousand years to publish their accounts, but refuse to publicly discuss the issue.

The City accounts are here love.

5 thoughts on “Occupy still not getting it, are they?”

  1. “Truth” versus “true believer”? The believers will blithely continue, through inertia and stupidity, if nothing else.

  2. It doesn’t matter what you and your neoliberal hate-facts say Tim.

    It feels true to her, and isn’t that what really matters?

  3. Entryism alert:
    “As a non-hierarchical movement, Occupy is inextricably a joint endeavour. Everyone who joins us – even for an evening – holds equal decision-making weight.”
    So just get a group together, and force a vote to disband.
    Democracy in action.

  4. Only 50 days and it looks like the pigs were starting to make a move:

    Contrary to reports, there has been no expenses scandal at St Paul’s. It is true that our finance team has stepped down, but certainly not due to any kind of impropriety. One of the lessons of horizontal decision-making is that everyone in the community needs to take responsibility for the occasional hiccups in our system.

    But Boxer continues to believe in the purity of the party.

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