See how statistical lies make the world a worse place?

So Mr Potato Head has been convinced by the lies.

The Prime Minister has ordered officials to develop a scheme in England to stop the sale of alcohol at below 40p to 50p a unit in shops and supermarkets.

Ministers could copy Scottish proposals, which would ban the sale of alcohol below 45p a unit, or bring in a more sophisticated system of taxes based on the number of alcohol units contained in the drink.

Those lies being:

Figures published earlier this month showed that twice as many people were being treated in hospital because of alcohol misuse compared with 10 years ago.

No, no they don\’t. The figures show twice as many admissions for diseases which are defined as being alcohol related. 0.3 of an admission for hypertensive disease, for example.

What we\’re not told (although it can be divined from the figures) is that a) total admissions have gone up by some 40-50%, b) the population is ageing so those diseases which are defined as alcohol related (ie, hypertensive diseases) will have more admissions and c) we\’ve got, as we all know, an \”obesity epidemic\”, meaning that admissions for obesity related diseases will also be up and, amazing though you may find it, many of the diseases that are \”alcohol related\” are also \”obesity related\”.

In other words the scumbag lying shits who compile the statistics are lying to us. Deliberately, through the method they use to compile the statistics.

Dr Sarah Wollaston, an MP on the Common’s health committee and a former GP, said that alcohol misuse was costing the nation £20 billion, or £800 for every family.

As we\’ve said around here many times, there\’s a problem with this number. That sure, there\’s a cost to booze, just like there\’s a cost to tofu. The question is, what\’s the benefit to put against that cost? With booze, the enjoyment offered must be higher than the amount spent on booze. That is, people are made happier by more than £50 billion because that\’s the sort of amount people spend on booze.

Oh, and the number that no one seems to want to acknowledge? Alcohol consumption is falling.

But those lies are out there, they\’ve been repeated enough that the fuckwits that rule us actually believe them.

We really are going to have to get around to hanging the cunts that lie so grievously, aren\’t we?

18 thoughts on “See how statistical lies make the world a worse place?”

  1. if that clown Cameron really wants sobriety-fuelled unrest on the streets of major cities, plus a massive increase in smuggled liquor of doubtful origin contributing to the load on the NHS, he’s going the right way about it. I wonder what Labour will come up with in reply?

  2. Directly proportional for spirits – £25.52 per litre of actual alcohol.

    Beer – mostly proportional but with a lower rate for beers below 2.8% and a surcharge for beers above 8.5%.

    Wine, cider and perry are charged per volume of liquid but with alcohol-%age band rates.

  3. But this way they can collect more tax or duty. Need cash? Hit stuff we can class as evil and you, for opposing, are a nasty bast*rd.

    This is such a simplistic argument that I despair of politicians. Putting the price up will have all sorts of effects, but the resource-consuming alkies (who are certainly less than they make out) will still be hitting the hard stuff. The question is what will they have to do to get their dose?

    It’s the ‘don’t let them play cowboys and indians or they will turn into murderers syndrome’.

  4. “But those lies are out there, they’ve been repeated enough that the fuckwits that rule us actually believe them.”

    Sadly, I think this battle’s lost because a significant proportion of the electorate also believes them….

  5. I agree with your post, Tim, but I have a minor nit to pick. I think when you’re talking about an addictive substance, you can’t say that the enjoyment must be higher than the amount spent. A certain percentage will be spent purely to feed the addiction, by people who wish they could stop.

    I’ve no idea what that percentage is, or even if it’s significant, but it does exist, and it can’t be counted as enjoyment.

    Tim adds: True….but we also know that the enjoyment is higher than the price paid so those two nett off to some extent.

  6. Tim – wouldn’t it be more corect to say that enjoyment is equal to the price paid because otherwise people would buy more until such time as the marginal enjoyment was exceeded by the marginal expenditure? (or until they got kicked out and had to walk home having spent the cab fare)

  7. ‘Oh, and the number that no one seems to want to acknowledge? Alcohol consumption is falling.’

    Chapter and verse, please.

  8. Well there has been a big increase in the home brewing market in the last 5 years.

    I wonder when Tesco’s will start selling home brew supplies?

    Worrying, there is a growing underground scene in DIY distillation. (A very simple mistake can result in the “spirit” containing high levels of methanol which can easily kill, or make you blind).

  9. It’s not just about hospital admissions. Other figures show that rates of liver disease have risen greatly, particularly amongst young people.

    Total alcohol consumption may have fallen, but the PM’s target is binge drinkers, not communion wine.

  10. Alan
    “I wonder when Tesco’s will start selling home brew supplies? ”

    err how about right now, though it might only be the bigger stores.
    Got a sharp eye for business, that Mr Tesco.

  11. I wonder how much of that so much lamented alcohol damage is done to those tender livers and other innards by the modern combination of booze and cocaine, and of course, the mess this leaves ends up being counted alcohol related, instead of coke induced.


    We need a campaign to bring about proper punishments for fraud in public service and we need a law that strips such thieves of their pension and hands 10% of the saved money as a bounty to the finder.

    Until we introduce personal liability for our bureaucrats, we will forever get fleeced and lied to…

  12. I think there is a crisis crisis.

    We should tax crises and the people who invent and propagate them. This should bring numbers down.

    And of course there is transfer of risk: price alcohol out of the reach of people and some enterprising souls will fill the gap in the market with something else… maybe drugs.

  13. We evolved as apes, up in the trees eating fruit. Necessarily we’d consume some alcohol once yeasts had attacked the sugar in the fruit. So we should expect to cope fairly easily with modest amounts of booze. We didn’t evolve with cocaine.

  14. “Total alcohol consumption may have fallen, but the PM’s target is binge drinkers, not communion wine.”

    No it’s not, everyone who drinks alcohol will be paying more.

  15. I think it’s absolutely right that the price of booze should increase.

    I think the state the country is in is mostly due to these idle bastards drinking cheap alcohol.

    Ban it, I say, and at once.

    Refund all we innocents the money and, since governments are increasingly keen on retrospective legislation, lets go back 10 years to assess how much money we’re owed.

    Bloody MPs quaffing subsidised booze in the House of Commons at our expense.

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