Shock horror at the Speccie!



Declining currency leads to inflation in prices of imported goods.

Not a perfect correlation there, of course, but good enough. Who would have thought it, eh?

14 thoughts on “Shock horror at the Speccie!”

  1. Shocked at the Speccie drinking red wine at £5.63. At English prices, that gets you something for cleaning the loo with.

  2. Plenty of perfectly drinkable red at £5 to 6 a bottle. Wine Society, Naked Wines (after the Angels’s discount), even the local Sainsbury.

  3. I have to say that when I was last in Lisbon, I thought about getting my mother a bottle of decent vintage port for her birthday. It was significantly cheaper by interwebs from Berry Bros. But I suspect that the “bottle of sherry/port” is Harvey’s Bristol Cream (£7.57 from Sainsburys Online) or something equally vile.

  4. What an appalling list to label as Christmas Dinner. Who on earth eats sponge-cake or out-of-season cauliflower for Christmas Dinner? I find broccoli, champagne and ice cream odd and several others (e.g. cream crackers) not to my taste but sponge cake?

  5. Well, Mrs SE doesn’t like heavy fruit cake but has, at least, backed her own sponge cake – for the evening, admittedly, rather than with lunch (as would be the gammon, obviously, although we have a nicely cured ham ready, instead.) Champagne for the present opening, of course.

    But chicken as well as turkey? And the child protection people have clearly been at the list given the absence of sprouts.

  6. Chicken 3.14/kg? Ha! Minimum CHF9.- here at Aldi. Even under the “old”exchange rate from 10 years ago that’s well over 4 quid. Currently it’s 6 quid.

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