Short arse Frenchman doesn\’t understand markets

French president Nicolas Sarkozy, furious that the British were lobbing in their own last-minute demands when everyone else was there to save the euro, told the prime minister: \”You can\’t have an offshore centre taking Europe\’s capital.\”

1) It ain\’t Europe\’s capital. It might belong to copmpanies, individuals, pension funds, whatever, but it doesn\’t belong to a continent. Not even to a political structure.

2) The City doesn\’t \”take\” capital. It allocates it. It\’s a conduit, that\’s all.

We should follow the first and second Mrs. Sarkozy and divorce the pint sized ignorant.

6 thoughts on “Short arse Frenchman doesn\’t understand markets”

  1. You seem to have omitted a noun at the end of your post, Tim. I dare say it would have been rather gynaecological.

  2. Amazingly, the dwarf (if you refer to “le nain” here, everyone knows you’re talking about Sarko, not snowboarders) has got this spun as:
    Kicking out the UK will save the euro
    If it doesn’t we’ve got our scapegoat ready dressed for the table.

    And amazingly, the press and people are swallowing this bullshit.

  3. You can’t have an agricultural industry taking Europe’s subsidies either, but we put up with that for, what, 30 years or more.

    I don’t recall any of his predecessors being too willing to compromise when the CAP had run its course and needed to be abolished.

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