So, wind farms kill more people than nuclear plants

The figures – released by RenewableUK, the industry\’s trade body – include four deaths and a further 300 injuries to workers.

That\’s just in the UK and just in the past 5 years you understand.

And when you calculate it by deaths by amount of energy produced it gets worse.

The death rate for wind is three to four times that of nuclear, that of solar 10 tmes.

Why do the greenies want to kill people?

14 thoughts on “So, wind farms kill more people than nuclear plants”

  1. Because one of the aims of Greenies is to dramatically reduce the human population of Gaia. Strangely, the most ardent advocates are not prepared to set the rest of us an example. Bit like Gore’s use of power, really.

  2. Spot on, POM. The Greens are eugenisists, simple.

    You know, like Bernard Shaw, The Wells, Adolph Hitler ….

    Alan Douglas

  3. But they only died from normal stuff. Not radiation which is DIFFERENT!!!!

    The Left do not care for people, just their own prejudices. If you happen to get in the way of one of them, bad luck. The greater good and all that.

  4. “Why do the greenies want to kill people?” I’ve been rather beaten to it but yes the answer is: ‘because it is an intrinsic and necessary part of their philosophy.’

  5. Going off slightly on a tangent this is my take on the Durban climate change conference deal.

    In reality nothing was achieved. It was just an exercise in can kicking and when 2015 comes along the US, China and India will if it suits them find a way to give the can another kick. In the mean time Europe already uncompetitive in world trade forges on with green policies that are based on dubious science making themselves even more uncompetitive. The outcome has China and India sniggering all the way to their trade surpluses. If the euro crisis was not proof enough of European leaders incompetence this acclamation of this pathetic non-deal is even further evidence.

  6. Checking the chart you link, it’s clear that nuclear, wind and solar all have death rates that are just noise – coal is the real killer (as is oil, but nobody in their right mind uses oil to generate electricity on a mass scale).

  7. There’s nothing wrong with wind having this fairly low death rate. (Although, if we are honest, it may increase, per watt generated, as wind farms are built offshore, or in more difficult and less ideal locations.)

    What is wrong is the hypocrisy, not challenged enough, of many greens objecting to nuclear power based too often on pseudo-scientific health concerns.

  8. According to the data you link to, wind, PV, and hydroelectricity are much safer than any form of generation from fossil fuel. So the Greens who want to make that change are all trying to save lives.

    Nuclear looks safer still on those numbers, but 4000 is very much at the low end of the wide range of estimates of Chernobyl deaths (check the wiki page, which links to various reports). My guess is that nuclear is safer if low levels of radiation are harmless, but less safe if they are slightly harmful.

  9. So Much For Subtlety

    PaulB – “Nuclear looks safer still on those numbers, but 4000 is very much at the low end of the wide range of estimates of Chernobyl deaths”

    I could hysterically scream that wind was murdering millions of Third World babies every year. Wouldn’t make it true. Nor should it be seriously considered as evidence against wind power. Here is a low estimate of deaths from Chernobyl – it will save lives. That’s low.

  10. SMFS: so you could.

    There’s a known mechanism by which ionising radiation cause cancer – by damaging DNA. Because radiation is quantized, this mechanism will operate at any dose. Some experts think there may be a counteracting beneficial effect at low doses. They might be right, but it’s the no net damage side of the discussion that’s speculative.

  11. Quote on Forbes from Tim:

    “There’s no use in saying we should replace natural gas with, say, solar power either: because solar power kills people too. California has at least three deaths reported from solar installing …”

    Oh come on. These idiots fell off a roof. Domestic solar panels like these have nothing to do with commercial solar plants.

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