The British Newspaper Archive

Costs money to get the actual articles but hours of fun there to be had searching for all sorts of things.

There was a Worstall wounded in the Crimea for example…..who knew?

3 thoughts on “The British Newspaper Archive”

  1. “There was a Worstall wounded in the Crimea for example…”
    If he was wounded by someone called Richie you might have something!

  2. Sadly. the lack of accuracy of the OCR used in the scanning process has made many articles unreadable.

    “own, Daisy, said Lily. ‘Tia fake ! said Daisy. That’s what she said. W it© : The now girl sleeps like a log, and 1 never can get her up in tho morning. Husband (struok by a bright id. a;: •« Let the baby sleep with her. He: Can 1 soe Miss … ?”

  3. One needs a filter process – a couple of my close (British) relatives have their (British) scientific research papers available on-line from the Library of Congress but in pure numbers of hits they are outweighed by my mentions in the sports page of the local papers [and at least one of them was better at sport than I].

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