The Murphmeister\’s Peoples\’ Pension Plan

Our favourite retired accountant from Wandsworth is all over the place shouting about his Peoples\’ Pension Plan.

And I\’ve just noticed a nice little oddity about it.

return the capital invested over the life of the asset, so that at the end of the period the sponsor would effectively own the asset, as is common with finance leases

Fair enough, this can definitely be done.

But then he tells us that the returns on these projects would be around gilts rates.


@RichardJMurphy Richard Murphy
@kentindell People\’s Pension would pay about gilt rate – which may not beat inflation last year but better than the stock mkt in last decade
Which is interesting because if you put £100 into a gilt then in 30 years you get £100 (nominal, to be sure) back. With the Peoples\’ Pension Plan you get the same interest as a gilt but don\’t get the £100 back.
It does take some effort to come up with an investment even worse than gilts, doesn\’t it?

9 thoughts on “The Murphmeister\’s Peoples\’ Pension Plan”

  1. But if your intention is to fund the State out of Peoples retirement savings by promising a little something for a lot of nothing, then it makes sense, doesn’t it?

  2. I am really unclear whsat the asset is….can anyone explain? Are you merelybbuying a stream of incoe from gilts or are you going to be able to share in capital growth from those gilts…ha ha…..

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