The reporting on Vodafone just keeps getting worse

He was also grilled over another controversial deal which saw HMRC forgive Vodafone as much as £4.75bn in tax.

The mobile phone company paid just £1.25bn of a tax bill that was around £6bn for its takeover of MannesMann in 2000.

This is someone reporting from the finance pages of a major national newspaper. And showing no knowledge of the actual matter at all.

There never waws a £6 billion bill, this is an invention by Private Eye. And the bill, whatever it was, was not \”for\” the takeover of MannesMann. It was for operating it after the takeover.

If this is the sort of bollocks that supposed journalists (Yes, you, Louisa Peacock) are serving up no wonder those Occupy lot are wandering around in a daze, mystified by the modern world.

2 thoughts on “The reporting on Vodafone just keeps getting worse”

  1. Sadly, in the comments to that article one person retails the facts and the others ignore the facts (as has Peacock) and continue to abuse Hartnett. Truly pathetic.

  2. Worstofall: I’ve told you before about blogging about tax. You haven’t a clue, as this post shows. Are HMRC paying you to write this stuff? It certainly looks so.

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