The true eurozone problem

The hope here amongst people who understand what\’s going on (many European leaders are not in this category)

Rule by technocrats is all very well until you realise that the technocrats are ignorant.

3 thoughts on “The true eurozone problem”

  1. Its not that they are ignorant, but rather that their gols are not the resumption of economic growth in the Eurozone, but rather the saving of the Euro. Unfortunately the two are mutually incompatible.

  2. It’s worse than that: not just ignorant, but also posessing an ego (individual and collective) which claims that they can manage complexity way, way beyond their understanding.

  3. View from the Solent

    “Rule by technocrats is all very well…”
    Aaah, the modern manifestation of Plato’s philospher kings. ‘Republic’ is a scary text.

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