There is an amusement here

Finding a self-confessed Green backing breeder reactors.

But respek to Mr. Monbiot for (sometimes) following where the evidence leads him.

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  1. I’m sorry to blunt but Biopot is a stupid media whore. After accusing him of writing articles to get the most comments on the grauniad I got deleted by a mod lol.

  2. Monbiot is quite near the top of my ‘Twat List’ but credit where credit is due he is echoing most of what some of the more sane ‘greenies’ are saying. However the others will by now have consulted their crystals and spirit guides and will denounce Moonbat as a capitalist, neoliberal fascist (is there such a thing?) and will occupy their local branch of Primark in protest.

  3. I don’t think we should poke fun at Monbiot even slightly for this. He is using his influence for good, for once.

  4. he says “Anti-nuclear campaigners have generated as much mumbo jumbo as creationists, anti-vaccine scaremongers, homeopaths and climate change deniers” – George the Moonbat is really socking it to them.
    I might even stop calling him Moonbat.

  5. Cheering news.

    When I’m a filthy rich capitalist I shall create a “U-Turn” award in the same vein as the Bastiat award for public figures who have successfully confronted their own dogma and shown humility and grace by repositioning. The award wouldn’t be for the final position but for the willingness to challenge their own prejudices.

    My shortlist so far:

    David Mamet – for political change
    George Monbiot – for changing his opinion on nuclear
    Michael Shermer – for climate change opinion

    Qualifying criteria….
    1) Public figure
    2) Known to hold a strong viewpoint for a long period of time
    3) Publicly gave reasons for their change of mind.

    What do people think?

  6. Kevin,
    Claire Short: spent a career arguing for more aid to repair the damage of imperialism. Got a chance to do it. Realised it was doing more harm than good. Changed her mind.
    Good on her.

  7. There are two types of Greens: those who genuinely believe in the stuff and try to live the life. They may be wrong on many things, IMHO, but they do listen to arguments. George appears to have moved in to this category.

    And then there are the watermelons who are using it as a way of imposing there failed socialist policies. Its been a form of entryism and you can see some of that in the comments section.


    You should ask Bjorn Lomborg to become the Patron and receive the first live time award.

  8. Yep. Two good entries.

    Claire Short
    Bjorn Lomborg

    We should celebrate the flip-floppers even if we don’t like their final position as an encouragement to others to revisit their prejudices.

    Jacques Delors?

    David Cameron? I assume he was a Tory at some point in the past? Fails on entry criteria 3.

  9. Greens fall into two areas:

    Those that want a low energy economy (de-industrialists, feudalists, subsistence freaks)

    Those that want a modern state but with low environmental impact.

    Monbiot seens closer to the latter rather than the former.

  10. For as long as I can remember, Greens have been against growth. Well, we’ve got that now. Why aren’t they pleased….?

  11. I’m a Green – I’m in favour of my children and grandchildren inheriting a habitable planet to live on. I don’t believe in maximizing the number of humans at all costs.

    That doesn’t oblige me to be unscientific or otherwise irrational. Why would it?

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