There\’s a reason the Welsh get paid peanuts

PRS for Music accepted that payments to many Welsh language musicians had declined. Mark Lawrence, the director of membership, said: \”Rates paid for radio station play and also for use in businesses around the country are reviewed constantly, based on audience, reach and sampling work our teams do.\”

The basic rate for a song on Radio Cymru is 59p a minutes, and 95p on Radio Wales. An additional element for plays in businesses takes the payments up to about £5.75 for Radio Cymru but almost £150 for Radio Wales. The basic rate on Radio 2 is about £22 a minute.

It\’s because no fucker listens to them.

As is right and proper of course.

6 thoughts on “There\’s a reason the Welsh get paid peanuts”

  1. I thought it was just because the Welsh are totally useless, waste of oxygen bastards who nobody would miss if their shitty little country drifted into the Atlantic and sunk. But then I’m biased because I hate the twats.

  2. Docbud,

    Well, all true. But unlike the Sweaties, Paddies, and English we tend to leave people alone and mind our own business. When was the last time the Welsh allied with the French, bombed a British city, or imposed taxes on anywhere that wasn’t Welsh?!

  3. @ Tim Newman
    That *** Henry Tudor, who almost certainly had his brother-in-laws murdered to establish his wife’s claim to the throne was a hanger-on at the French court for years before the French backed his invasion of England
    That is just to answer your first question. We don’t have enough data on bombers to answer the second. As to the third, do Lloyd George and Callaghan count? If not Commissioner Kinnock does.

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