This shouldn\’t happen of course

Indeed, prison guards have a duty to make sure that it doesn\’t.

Young offenders jailed in the wake of the summer riots were attacked by fellow inmates who had seen their home towns targeted.

Criminals already in custody and worried about their families and friends being caught up in the disturbances turned on the perpetrators once behind bars, prison inspectors revealed.

And I would very definitely want to insist that the guards did their duty and made sure that no harm came to their charges.

But with that caveat, that no physical harm came to those in custody, it\’s rather satisfying, isn\’t it?

7 thoughts on “This shouldn\’t happen of course”

  1. Ironic that people who were overwhelmingly likely to be inside for offences against the person or serious theft should suddenly be overwhelmed by civic pride and virtue.

  2. No, it’s a bloody disgrace. By all means give the whole lot of them the lash, but no freelance thuggery, thank you.

  3. Agree with dearime.

    Same as forced buggery in prisons. If you want it as part of the punishment, then have it as part of the sentence, properly set out as to how severe and how often, depending on the seriousness of the crime.

    To have it random is unjust.

    Of course all crime is unjust, but the State has a special responsibility to protect prisoners, because it’s incarcerated them there.

  4. 3-6 apply. Also, the standards of bastard thuggery required to end up in jail for riot-related offences were far lower than the standards of bastard thuggery required under normal circumstances, so it’s a near-certainty that most of the ‘vigilantes’ were objectively worse than the trainer-and-bottled-water thieves.

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