Tim is right: this is the stupidest piece of journalism this year

Via, this idiocy:

This could be Cameron\’s opening. Given the trouble he is going to be in anyway – with his sceptics, if he agrees to the proposed treaty amendments without agreeing to a referendum, and with business, if he effectively accepts Britain\’s relegation to a lower financial league – he should summarily end the ambiguity of the past year and embrace the only logical solution: Britain\’s belated entry into the euro.

Between the lines of what Sarkozy, but also leading German politicians sometimes say, can be detected the thought that, if another big economy, ie Britain, had been in the euro from the start, the operation of the currency would have been better policed. The agreed limits on indebtedness might have been kept; Greece, for one, might not have been admitted. That is all history now. But Britain\’s entry into the euro would, at a stroke, bring more money and – as the regulation of British banks improves – more financial stability into the European Central Bank, to mutual benefit.

Britain would retain, or even enhance, its position as Europe\’s financial centre – a price that could reasonably be exacted as a condition of entry. Nor need there be complaints – as there were 15 years ago – that sterling would be entering the euro at too high a rate. Thanks to Gordon Brown and the global financial crisis, the pound has been devalued by almost 30 per cent against the euro. Cameron could thus boast that a key requirement set by the former, Labour, government had been met.

Not only does Cameron have all these arguments and more, on his side, but he has the political means to get his way. He is not John Major, teetering on the brink of losing his majority and in hock to his Eurosceptics. With Liberal Democrats and Europhile Labour MPs on his side, he could win a majority in Parliament and campaign country-wide for a referendum \”Yes\” as the only true representative of the national interest.

With his PR skills and his one-nation Tory credentials, Cameron is one of the few British politicians who could convince mainstream voters to accept the euro. The Republican, Richard Nixon, initiated the US opening to China; the Likud Zionist Ariel Sharon took Israel out of Gaza as the prelude to a Middle East peace (regrettably halted by his illness). David Cameron should be the Conservative who made Britons into Europeans.

Someone should have a discreet look at Ms. Dejevsky\’s meds.

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  1. Every now and then a politician decides the time is ripe to split their own party. However principled the decision, the result is invariably a long spell in opposition. David Cameron likes being Prime Minister and isn’t away with the fairies yet…

  2. Utterly totally barking.

    This is the ideal opportunity for precisely the opposite strategy:

    hold referendum on approval for continued membership of EU and, when lost, exit.

  3. But Willy Hutton, and Michael Heseltine, have been saying much the same – although to be fair to Wully he did admit that he was wrong to recommend euro entry before. But he still thinks he’s right to recommend it in the future. In his mind moving a fundamentally flawed currency union towards fundamentally flawed fiscal union makes joining said currency union a good thing. Can’t quite see that logic myself.

    Oh, and they’re all wrong anyway. Cameron vetoed treaty change last night, so the Europols are now going full steam ahead for fiscal union without the UK.

  4. Cameron’s best bet may be to have that bloody referendum. It will probably be 2 to one for, same as last time, then the bloody issue might go away.

    It is perhaps that his own instincts on europe are very in tune with the nation – not a great enthusiast, but not prepared to quit.

  5. Well there is a shred of truth there.

    Assuming he were given the choice, Cameron is more likely to take us into the euro than leave the EU.

  6. sackcloth and ashes

    Mary Dejevsky thinks that it’s absurd to suggest that the FSB had anything to do with Alexander Litvinenko’s murder, but that SIS and MI5 might have had something to with Lady Di’s demise.

    She is nuts. That’s why only the Indie (the paper that still employs Hari) employs her.

  7. I was stunned when I saw that piece. I know Dejevsky makes a habit of trying on the ‘quirky’ lines, but this is beyond insane.

    Cameron. Euro. At this point in time? She must have flipped her lid.

  8. With his PR skills

    What PR skills? The ones I’ve seen are shit. He couldn’t even get the ball in to the back of the net in 2010, despite Gordon being on goalkeeper duties.

    Enough with this idea that Cameron is some slick PR spinner. He’s not. He’s someone who was responsible for choosing the headed notepaper for a meeja business called Carlton.

  9. No, the question should be “should rats join a sinking ship whilst its crew are having summits on how to rearrange the deckchairs?”.

  10. I wouldn’t have put it past Cameron to have used the situation as an opportunity to join the euro, no matter how barking it was…

    But now that I think about it, he has played a bit of a blinder. He’s either done what he has done in order to:

    a) Safeguard UK sovereignty
    b) Blow with the anti-EU wind and possibly ensuring that the Tories might not need a coalition by the time of the next election.
    c) Avoid a referendum, thus keeping his own position and that of the Tory front bench sufficiently ambiguous about the EU.

    I would tend to attribute the more cynical motivations to him, however, no matter what the motivation, I’m happy he did it. But he’s still a t***.

  11. Donavon Pfeiffer Jr

    Did I read that correctly? The Mideast Peace process failed because some Jew had the bad form to die prematurely?

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