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At the ASI.

In which I advance the theory that we don\’t choose numbers to put into economic models in order to get correct answers from a left or right point of view. Rather, it\’s our views of what are the correct numbers which makes us right or left.

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  1. I still identify as “left-ish” as I do want improved opportunity for all, relief of absolute poverty, and I think it is the mark of a civilised nation that we can provide a dignified living for those who cannot work. However, I’ve seen the previous Labour government spend money in ways which should – if my original understandings of various problems were correct – have improved matters. The evidence would appear that in many cases, such spending did not. Consequently, I now believe there are some things which it is possible to spend too much money on, and at the wrong time. By the standards of my left-wing friends, that probably now makes me economically right-wing.

    I would point out though, that I believe there are tribal variants of left- and right-wing thought. On the left, it’s support for supposed underdogs at every opportunity, all the time, even if those underdogs’ own behaviour is a significant contributory factor to their situation. On the right, it’s a selfish, frightened and protectionist approach to maintaining one’s own privileges, even in the face of those who better deserve (in a meritocratic sense) a share of them.

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