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Digging into those numbers about booze and hospital admissions.

And there\’s also one other thing, something I\’ve only just noted. We are being given the absolute number of admissions, not the proportion of admissions. So, has there been any change in the number of admissions over this past decade?

Err, yes, actually, there has. Finished Consultant Episodes (which isn\’t the same thing as admissions but it\’s a reasonable guide to matters) have risen from 12,357,260 in 2002 to 17,269,882 in the most recent year.

They\’re lying to us you know.

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  1. Thought it would be worth a visit to Forbes to read the post in full. Why bother? Goodness, that site’s a spectacular piece of shit. Couldn’t get anything past the ad for a very expensive watch & a black area that could have some text buried in it somewhere.
    Had I actually gotten to see the article, reading the comments might have been interesting. Why does most times clicking on comments just reload current page?
    I’m working on a theory Forbes’ web design is done by the proprietor’s 8 y.o. kid.

  2. I would have been one of those counted last year as “alcohol related” when I had a bad accident at home. Basically I was cooking and talking on MSN to a friend in Aus, running between the kitchen & bedroom and I tripped and cut myself very badly on a glass lampshade. First questions asked in the bus were not about the blood squirting out of my face (I soaked 2 beach towels while waiting at home after calling 999) but had I been drinking & how much. I had been sipping a few beers that nite.

  3. The big irony about the admissions figures is that the approximtion method used means that the longer we live the more alcohol-related admissions will rise and the better our survival rates for conditions such as coronary heart attacks the more alcohol-related admissions will rise.

    It is a joyous New Puritan win-win situation – longer life and the means to attack us beery folk!

  4. @ ProgContra
    Noticeable that the Cancer Research UK report has NO lifestyle factors found to affect the cancer (prostate) which is one which most frequently affects and is the largest killer of males. Oh, and sunlight is a lifestyle choice that increases the risk of death through cancer – I thought it only killed vampires.

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