Timmy elsewhere

At the ASI.

Forward to the Middle Ages!

2 thoughts on “Timmy elsewhere”

  1. “Denuding these islands of trees in fact. Which is what we actually did do all those centuries ago … we did things like go to war against Denmark so that we could have access to the Baltic timber to replace what we’d burnt”. Tim, on this topic you do talk shite of Ritchie-esque proportions. For godsake go and read some Oliver Rackham. For a start, learn the difference between “wood” and “timber”.

    Tim adds: There you go again, confusing “sideswipe” with “fact” again. What is it with you scientists, can’t a man indulge in hyperbolic rhetoric now and again?

  2. What the blazes is Ridley talking about when he says “Since much energy is used for heating, which wind, solar, hydro and the like cannot supply”? Is he claiming the wind never blows and rivers never flow when it’s cold, or merely that there’s no such thing as an electric heater?

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