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Why there\’s so much money in US politics

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    I think the amazing thing is that there is so little money in American politics.

    Let us consider for a moment the husband of the late Benazir Bhutto. Who, like the late dictator of Indonesia, Suharto, is rumoured to take 10% of all government spending for his own use.

    Obama has added some $4 trillion to the US debt. Someone must have benefited. I don’t know who, but someone must have. If there had been the same level of corruption in US politics, someone would have got $400 billion.

    Suharto, by way of contrast, is supposed to have looted a fortune of some $15-30 billion. Admittedly he may have stolen a lot more and spent it all, but it is an order of magnitude less over decades, not three years.

    Corruption on that scale would be reflected in what people would pay to get elected – it makes sense to spend billions if you can loot trillions. Obama was supposed to be the first candidate to spend more than a billion, but it is still chump change by world standards.

    Thus America is not yet that corrupt. Give them time though. Mortal man can only resist so much temptation for so long.

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