Well here\’s your problem then

On the whole, the French media, even those hostile to Sarkozy, welcome the Brussels results. Throughout the euro crisis they have given him credit for keeping the German chancellor on the European track, pressing her for faster action and defending the French view that political will is more important than rules.

That\’s why Britain simply should not be in the same political organisation as France.

For our bedrock political and legal belief is that the rules are more important than political will.

We\’ve spent much of a millenium, including several rather bloody wars and revolutions, enforcing this point on those who would rule us.

We call it \”the rule of law\” and if you want to impose upon us a system where the law does not rule then you can fuck right off.

We might just give you a bloody nose like we did James II, allow you to weep in alcoholic exile like Charles III, IV and so on or cut off your head like Charles I.

But we will get you to fuck off.

6 thoughts on “Well here\’s your problem then”

  1. “For we wax hot in faction
    But in battle we wax cold
    And men fight not as once they fought
    In the brave days of old”

  2. Charles IV? Was there one at all? In any case I thought Henry IX & I was the last to make any claim to the thrones.

  3. No no no Tim. This “Rule Of Law” thing. It’s overrated. Every dictatorship has had “the rule of law”. It’s what rules we have that matters.

    Look, we used to bang up gays under “the rule of law”. We currently have a woman in prison for being mouthy on a tram under “the rule of law”. The rule of law- the ghastly idea that Parliament is absolute- has made our country the regulated, petty-Hitler dominated hellhole it has become.

    What made Britain once great, in a liberal sense was another, far more important principle- the Lack Of Law. We had a smaller bureaucracy- virtually nonexistent until the rise of the Puritan Second Wave in the nineteenth century in fact. We had no rules regarding, for instance, what organisations and clubs a person may belong to, unlike e.g. France where you had to ask Royal permission.

    Rule of Law? Total wank. It’s lack of law that distinguishes a free country from a less free country. Do get it straight old chap.

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