Well, obviously, they\’re correct here

Allowing women to drive in Saudi Arabia will be \’the end of virginity\’

For as has been pointed out, perhaps the greatest social effect of the Model T was the decline of virginity at marriage as people worked out what the back seat was for.

8 thoughts on “Well, obviously, they\’re correct here”

  1. Amazing. No suggestion anywhere in this piece that maybe men could learn to control themselves so that they don’t give in to “temptation”.

  2. Frances, Frances

    You are not talking about emasculated Western men, mere playthings in an empowered woman’s hands.

    You are talking about real men!



  3. Maybe they could make a seat belt-cum-chastity belt, with an extra strap between the legs?

    There must be a huge supply of willing driving instructors out there?

  4. Was that really the Model T’s effect? I mean, people had (other folks’) barns before that.
    That said, the broader point that some technical progress leads to more shagging holds, as the work of Jeremy Greenwood shows, eg this:
    I would have thought you’d make more of this – capitalism means more nooky (though not for me).

  5. Obvious solution: only give driving licences to non-virgins. Or if you want to be really fussy, only to post-menopausal women. These Saudi academics are as bad as ours in their poor logic.

  6. Having had the pleasure to drive more than my fair share of Edwardian and vintage vehicles, I am happy to confirm that congress of a sexual nature is far, far easier in the open back seats of these old cars. Modern cars are designed to protect their occupants from penetration by the surrounding scenery and projectiles of a wheeled nature while at the same time affording as little room for kinetic acceleration as possible. The result is that the room for manoeuvre is seriously reduced and experienced participants, only, should attempt union. Loss of virginity should not, in my opinion, be used as an excuse for stopping women from driving. There are other, better, reasons surely?

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