We\’ve been doing what?

The Department for Education is lifting restrictions that force schools in England to charge the same price for the same item for every pupil, in order to allow them to offer price promotions.

I\’m sorry? What?

We\’ve had the central government in a country of 65 million people determining the school lunch pricing policies of 25,000 different schools?

No, I\’m sorry, there\’s nothing for it but this, doesn\’t matter that they\’ve now lifted this regulation at all, it\’s the fact that it ever existed which is the problem. We must hunt down whoever is responsible for this (yes, even if it was St. Maggie when she was Education Sec), stake them in the heart, cut off their head, stick a lemon between their teeth and bury the quartered body at a variety of widely separated crossroads.

Then we must comb the books for anything else so extravagantly stupid. And kill those who would defend, propose or implement such rules.

That there will be only the occasional politician or bureaucrat left is just one of those pleasures we shall have to bear in pursuit of a better world.

2 thoughts on “We\’ve been doing what?”

  1. But how can you build the perfect central bureaucracy without central planning. you can’t have different standards between schools, let alone neighbouring ones, it might engender competition and improvements that are not authorised. Imagine the fuss that will arise if parents are not allowed to send their children to a school that is demonstrably better run that the one next door.

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