Why DSK wasn\’t set up

But Paris is almost entirely unanimous on one point: that Epstein’s very readable piece is predicated on an assumption of competence by the UMP dirty tricks department that’s nothing short of fantastic. “That lot couldn’t conspire their way out of a paper bag” is the consensus.

It\’s not the most flattering of explanations but it does have the ring of truth to it.

3 thoughts on “Why DSK wasn\’t set up”

  1. I might make some remark about the honeytrap the UMP actually chose for the set-up, but that would be ungracious.

  2. The only argument is about whether it was consensusal. It is amazing that even if he was “set up” that DSK and his supporters see nothing unusual that as part of your preparations for lunch with your daughter and a flight home is to use a 7 minute window of opportunity to get a bj from housekeeping.

  3. I may be wrong, but I recall reading that DS-K spent the night before with ayoung lady brought especially all the way from lille to NY. Allegedly.

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