Why the ports?

I\’m confused.

Why are the Occupy people trying to close down the West Coast ports?

What\’s actually the point of this?

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  1. An inarticulate shout of hatred against all things capitalist or commercial? Except Starbucks, of course.

  2. All their Marxist crib sheets say “the workers love going on strike”. They figure they are helping them 🙂

  3. @Surreptitious Evil

    I don’t get why you think Starbucks are excluded from the circle of corporate evil. They long ago reached the magic threshold of success that ensures entry. Sure the protestors are hypocrites but there’s no doubt Starbucks is already condemned by the same people who abhor McDonalds and Walmarts.

  4. A protest against nepotism in the longshoreman’s union?
    More likely, these being socialist international types, it’s a protest against cheap imports from communist China.
    Memo to marchers: don’t stop marching when you reach the end of the quay, lads.

  5. “Helicopter footage shows about 10 protesters holding signs and banners on a roadway in front of the port. Police officers appeared to be nearby.

    Read more: http://www.ctv.ca/CTVNews/Canada/20111212/occupy-vancouver-port-blockade-111212/#ixzz1gPEb07h6

    I’m no fan of Occupy, but 10 protesters at one entrance seems a pretty paltry showing. Try this: the unions are using this to shut ops down and give the longshoremen a free day off in advance of Christmas.

  6. Perhaps they aren’t the noble campaigners for peace and justice which the MSM is portraying them as, but far left loons?

  7. @Gimlette: it reminds me of the recent Southpark episode that made fun of the Occupy/99% movement. Butters and Jimmy protest outside some government office, surrounded by hundreds of police and media.

  8. According to the San Francisco Chronicle:

    The evening gathering followed confrontations earlier in the day in which a smaller group of protesters was able to block intersections leading into the port. The action was spearheaded by Occupy Oakland, which was also successful in closing down port operations during a general strike the evening of Nov. 2.

    Since then, Occupy camps in cities across the country have been cleared out by local police. And although activists portrayed Monday’s action as a reaction to labor disputes involving longshore workers and truckers at the ports of Los Angeles and Longview, Wash., the title they chose – “Occupy Strikes Back” – made it clear they hoped to make a larger point about the movement’s vitality.

  9. Why not occupy Rotterdam? It’s an entrepot for goods as London is for finance.
    Can anyone show the difference between these occupiers and the EU apparat?

  10. “Why are the Occupy people trying to close down the West Coast ports?” Because at this time of year it tends to be bloody cold at many of the East Coast ports.

  11. The plan was to shut down our local West Coast port (Tacoma) as well but the union politely told them not to do it- such labor action is only for the union leadership to call.

  12. So Much For Subtlety

    Presumable the aim is a standard leftie one of linking up with the toiling masses – the revolution cannot come if it is confined to a small section of the intelligentsia. They have to mobilise the workers a la 1968 (or 1919 I expect)

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