You know those booze admissions figures?

You know, million peeps turning up at A&E each year with booze related injuries?

Well, yes, it\’s not booze related injuries, not A&E and it\’s most certainly not patients. It\’s admissions.

The number of NHS patients who have to undergo emergency readmission to hospital within a month of being discharged has increased by more than three quarters in the last decade, the Daily Telegraph can disclose.

Now, the NHS sending people away and then bringing them back in, this might actually be a very good idea. Hospitals are,. afer all, very dangerous places and doctors, nurses, hospital and medical treatment (so called \”iatrogenic\” causes) one of the leading causes of death.

But leave that aside and consider just the idea that we\’ve these more readmissions. That makes the number of admissions for alcohol related diseases go up. Because we are not counting \”came in glassed having got boozed up\”, we\’re counting \”came in for this, that\’s 0.3 of an alcohol related admission\”.

And note that in our booze related admission figures we are not told that the portion of all admissions has gone up. No, we\’re told that the actual number has gone up. Without being told that readmissions are up 75%, that total admissions are up 40%.

We\’re being lied to in short. The bastards.

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