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Vladimir Putin has faced claims that he is the richest man in Europe, presiding over a mafia state and with a personal fortune of more than $40bn (£25.5bn). But Russia\’s central election commission has said his bank balance was rather more modest – a mere $179,612.

No, absolutely, I always believe what the State tells me. Why, don\’t you?

6 thoughts on “Your political numbers of the day”

  1. What has “bank balance” got to do with wealth? I haven’t read the statement, only the report, but it’s not impossible that a billionaire has a couple of hundred grand in the current account.

    Now, somebody with an income of some $140,000p.a. having total wealth a mere 29% more than that? Especially as he’s been in top political office for 12 years, unlikely to be spending much of his own money on the mere trappings of life?

  2. After the demise of the Roman Republic, even in the early years of the Principate the personal finances of the Princeps got inextricably mixed up with the finances of the state. I doubt Nero worried about where his next few sestercii were coming from to pay for his new fiddle.

  3. And the Putin problem is?

    From what I can tell, grateful though the Russians are for the decade or so of relative stability that Putin has provided, they think Putin is taking the piss slightly if he thinks he is just going to walk back into the presidency and run Russia as his own personal fiefdom for another term or two. They were fine with it for a while, but more and more Russians are feeling “Enough’s enough. Any more, and you’re taking us for idiots.”

    Plus, Russians have ambitions and desires of their own, just like everyone else. Scaring everyone with the spectre of a return to the 90s has run its course, and people are asking “What’s next?”, and with Putin the answer is “More of the same.” They don’t want that.

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