All Hail Loma Linda Town Council!

So, Loma Linda, place in California where the health nuts hang out. And half the city are 7 th day Adventists. And McDonalds whishes to p[ollute the heaqlthy air of this mostly vegetarian town with a store selling burgers and the like.

We know how this is going to turn out, don\’t we? The freedom of commerce is going to be crushed under the tanks of political power?

Amazingly, no:

Loma Linda had, until now, managed to avoid the global tentacles of the fast-food giant, primarily because of the number of Adventists. Despite this, the city council – all are Adventist – has voted three-to-two to allow the new drive-thru. Those in favour say that it isn’t the job of local officials to stop people if they choose to indulge.

Fancy that! You only get politicians who believe in freedom if they\’re religious nutters perhaps?

1 thought on “All Hail Loma Linda Town Council!”

  1. Yet you note that all of the medics are up in arms about it. Theirs are just as fascist (okay, bansturbationist) as ours.

    It would be really interesting to see the sales and profit stats from that franchise in a couple of years’ time.

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