Allow me to correct this for you

Scotty Bowers, now aged 88, is unveiling what he claims were the antics of the Hollywood elite including Cary Grant, Rock Hudson, Vivien Leigh, Katharine Hepburn and even the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.

He claims that he set up Hepburn with \”over 150 different women\” and other stories in his memoir relate to Spencer Tracy and Cole Porter.

In an interview with the New York Times, Mr Bowers said: \”I\’ve kept silent all these years because I didn\’t want to hurt any of these people. And I never saw the fascination. So they liked sex how they liked it. Who cares?

\”I finally said yes because I\’m not getting any younger and all of my famous tricks are dead by now. The truth can\’t hurt them anymore.\” They can\’t sue me for libel\”

3 thoughts on “Allow me to correct this for you”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    You are far too kind. This piece of sh!t is most likely to be the usual Walter Mitty-ish bar propping fantasist who is being given all the ego massaging he could desire from journalists who should know better. Best punched on the nose, but failing at (and at his age it is probably not a good idea) totally ignored.

  2. SMFS: that’s the problem with ex-Marines. They go from ‘He could kill you’ to ‘You could kill him’ far too quickly to get away with any sort of altercation.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    Except …. there’s no evidence he was a Marine apart from his own claims?

    No doubt he stormed the beaches of Iwo Jima single handedly or something.

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