British stupidity is alive and well among the criminal classes

Manchester \’mole gang\’ escapes with just £6,000 after 100ft tunnel heist

Gang may have been left out of pocket by having to hire expensive drilling equipment, say police

OK, so they dug the tunnel, got to the target and then found that there wasn\’t as much cash as they had thought. Diddums.

That\’s not the stupidity. This is:

Police admit they are baffled at the target given the obvious expertise and determination possessed by the criminals. Even when fully stocked, the cash machine can only hold £20,000.

Even if it had \”worked\” they\’d have been making minimum wage around and about. And risking jail for that is simply stupid.

10 thoughts on “British stupidity is alive and well among the criminal classes”

  1. Bit of advice lads. If you change your account to a different bank, you’ll be given a little plastic card which allows you to take money out of ANY cash machine. No digging required but you do need to remember a four digit number.

  2. Here’s the site on Google Maps, with the Blockbuster and railway embankment clearly visible:

    There aren’t any other valuable targets nearby in the same shopping precinct; the mind truly boggles.

  3. I was always puzzled when I practised criminal law by the poor returns for a lot of clients’ efforts. One guy forged scratch cards by hand. Yes, by hand. He was a brilliant artist (at least he had the technical skills, his imagination was clearly a bit limited). He could have made a far better living as a commercial artist. He wasn’t even forging high value cards, so he really was working for far less than minimum wage (and risking jail).

    I think there is such a thing as a criminal mind; there are (pace their Guardian-reading apologists) people who simply prefer a bent way of life. And like the non-criminal mind, it seems to come in a variety of calibres.

  4. Remember that bit in Keynes about burying money at the bottom of a hole to get the economy going?
    Maybe these were Keynsian criminals?

  5. I’m surprised an ATM holds such a nugatory amount of money. £20,000? Even in tenners that’s only about the size of a house brick. I would have thought the average contents to be closer to half a million. I suppose they tailor the amount held to demand, but even so that’s only 200 punters withdrawing a hundred quid each.

  6. DG: it’s a cash machine in a video shop, not a bank cash machine. This sort of thing. So it’s not very big, not concreted in place, and is only used in emergencies and for small transactions (because the fees are immense). A bank ATM holds much more – half a million is the right order of magnitude.

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