Calling Mr. Luke, Calling Mr. Luke

I know this street very well. Used to work in one of the restaurants you can see up on the high pavement, at another just up the little alleyway there. Bought my flat from the estate agents you can see (upside down, when the altercation is going on) at the other end of the street.

Indeed, my flat is a whole 100 yards or so up that alleyway.

And yes, that is the A4 that she\’s parked her car on.

Dunno who the bird from Ulster is but I\’m sure Mr. Luke, if he should care to comment, can tell us which shop it is she has in that area.

17 thoughts on “Calling Mr. Luke, Calling Mr. Luke”

  1. A classic case of winding yourself up into a ridiculous frenzy, and ending up a laughing stock as well as liable for a possible criminal prosecution for assault.

    Why not just say “sorry mate, I’ll move it in a minute”, giggle and walk off?

  2. I believe the silly woman has been identified. Her husband is of a different stripe, however, as he comes across as overtly threatening, very unpleasant. I’ve put a quiet word out, in the interests of protecting my, and other, staff from the little pit-bull.

  3. ‘You’re filming me – that’s illegal…I’ll say you assaulted me!”


    It never ceases to amaze me that people caught out, on film, being imbeciles, seem to think the film will somehow exonerate them….

  4. I didn’t quite understand it. The woman wasn’t from the inconsiderately parked black car, but from one of the cars waiting in the queue to get past the blockage? If that is the case, then the woman is a real fruit cake. She would have seen from some way back in the queue that the filmer was filming the black car and only incidentally the queue.

  5. SBML, I think it was edited, the car drove off, the film cuts to a couple of minutes later when the woman approaches the guy.

  6. Like all you readers Tim, I have read and watched lots of stuff on the internet.

    That video stirred an anger in me that I didn’t know I had.

    If I was the bloke who took the footage, I would be in gaol now for a very serious assault on both of them.

    A “red mist” doesn’t describe my anger.

    @Hopper. Thanks for that. It was calming to know they have been “outed”.

  7. The original version has been disabled/made private by the poster but it’s been re-hosted on Youtube by at least two other people. What I do find interesting is the lack of support in the hundreds of comments on the Torygraph and Youtube pages; normally when this kind of thing kicks off someone, somewhere will speak up in support of the person in the video (even if it’s “YOU LEEVE DAVE THE BASTERD ALONE HES A DIAMUND GEEZA”). This time, not one. Not a sausage. Just people claiming to work or have worked nearby slagging the pair of them off.

  8. Mrs. Sarah Duncan is pitifully desiring qualified psychiatric care for entitlement, anger, self-absorption, narcissism, marital difficulties, aggressive stalking and a myriad of other issues that can be witnessed in her world-class Tube of the You video. Psychiatrist must have hide of buckskin, patience of three saints and must be sure to charge this animal a king’s ransom. Any takers? Ha! God, I love these internets!

  9. Poor cow. She lost her temper with some bloke and has now been getting abusive phone calls for days on end. So what if she came across as arrogant and aggressive? I don’t see what it’s got to do with anyone else. Vicarious outrage is just bollocks.

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