Converting Teh Gays

This is all most amusing:

The joint letter states: \”Psychological care for those who are distressed by unwanted homosexual attractions has been shown to yield a range of beneficial client outcomes, especially in motivated clients … Such therapy does not produce harm despite the Royal College of Psychiatrists and others maintaining the contrary.\”

It concludes: \”Competent practitioners, including those working with biblical Judeo-Christian values, should be free to assist those seeking help.\”

Yes, it\’s woo doctors trying to convert those who are of Teh Gays into solid heterosexual citizens, \”solid citizens\” as defined by evangelical Christianity.

There\’s two sources of amusement. One, the undercover journo who started the whole thing by applying for such treatment:

In May 2009, Mr Strudwick attended a therapy session at Mrs Pilkington\’s private practice, based at her home in Chorleywood, Herts, and recorded the session on a tape machine strapped to his stomach.

On the tape, Mr Strudwick asks Mrs Pilkington if she views homosexuality as \”a mental illness, an addiction or an anti religious phenomenon\”. She replies: \”It is all of that.\”

Last year, Mr Strudwick said: \”Entering into therapy with somebody who thinks I am sick … is the singularly most chilling experience of my life.

Do stop being a twat laddie. Of course your therapist, your doctor, thinks you are sick. That\’s why you\’re there, in front of that therapist, doctor. If you weren\’t sick then both of you could be \’round the corner having a pint.

The other source of amusement is rather more subtle. We have these woo doctors who insist that being Teh Gay is something that is curable. We also have everyone else who insists that a) it\’s not something that needs to be cured and b) it\’s innate and thus not curable.

The amusing thing is that both are correct.

We can argue about quite how human sexuality is distributed (might be a normal distribution, might be like Matthew Parris thinks, more like the neck of a champagne bottle, his simile) but there\’s no doubt that there are those who are firmly same sex only, those who are firmly opposite sex only and a goodly number of those who are variable dependent upon chance, opportunity and situation. The difference in same sex behaviour among those in single sex and mixed sex environments is really all we need to know that.

Which means that there are those whose sexual behaviour, desires, are malleable and those whose such are not. There are men (alter as needed to describe women) who are only into getting it on with other men, who are never into such, who will if offered but not exclusively and those who will if no alternative presents itself. The first group aren\’t going to be changed by being hectored by some fundamentalist wingnut:

Homosexual men are sent on weekends away with heterosexual men to \”encourage their masculinity\” and \”in time to develop healthy relationships with women\”, said Mrs Pilkington.

Those who would regard that as an interesting dating opportunity.

There are also those in the latter two groups who might well change their behaviour (if not their inner desires) as a result of such \”therapy\”. To offer an analogy, there are those to whom celibacy is the natural state. There are those for which it most definitely is not but they accept it for some other reason: might be religious, might be temporary having committed to one and only one other from whom they are temporarily separated etc.

This middle group of any port in a storm could well be convinced that certain ports are not to be entertained for social, religious or other reasons. Not saying they should be, only that they could.

Which is, as I say, a source of some amusement. Both those who say that all same sex attraction is immutable and those who say that all is mutable are wrong. It really does depend upon where on that distribution of sexuality the individual is. Thus the \”therapy\” \”works\” for some and not for others.

Bit like most therapy in fact…..

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  1. Which just goes to show that life is grey and nto black and white. There all shades of sexuality from one end to the other with an infinite range of reasons not just the gays and not gays.

    Where they are also wrong is in imposing their views and opinions and those of others. The gays for stating that gay lifestyle should be shoved in the face and paid by those who aren’t. The religous and therapists for forcing people to be non-gay when they really should be celebrating the range of human life that God produces.

  2. The interesting thing for me about all this is that it seems that all the hegemonic conceptualisations of sexuality are in the famous “not even wrong” category. That’s what happens when there is no separation of science and activism. Somebody shoulda written that into some Constitution somewhere, perhaps.

  3. Meh, whatever. If Teh God Bothering Headshrinkers want to try to convert Teh Gays and Teh Gays go to them without State coercion, where’s the problem?

  4. @ftumch – Nor are raccoons, the mascot of (click my name). 😉

    @MatthewL – By the gay pride marches which are sometimes partially funded by councils. By the excessive use of gay scenes in soaps out of proportion to real life (10% according to some, more like 1% according to others). By gay couples forcing religious hoteliers to accommodate them by forcing their human right over those of others when straight people are not made welcome in gay hotels.

    Currently there is a big hoo ha about the fact that there are no gays in soccer. Well there are but who is isn’t advertised. Why should it be? Why should people advertise their sexual orientation? Should I stand out and come out of the cupboard and advertise that I am heterosexual. Should I proclaim my sexual interests or is it just a matter for me and my wife?

  5. So Much For Subtlety

    Matthew L – “How exactly is the “gay lifestyle” shoved in everyone’s face?”

    Even Gays openly admit their aims have been raised lately. Acceptance and tolerance is not enough. They want mainstreaming. So yes, the Gay lifestyle is being shoved in everyone’s face. Look at sex education classes these days.

    Just in passing, the ginger from Sex in the City got everyone upset this week by claiming she was a lesbian by choice:

    Ooops. Sorry. Wrong link. Another Lesbian – who may well be about to be an ex-lesbian I suspect. Try this one:

    But of course Ms. Nixon is a High Priestess of the Gay Cult – she is in, as I said, Sex in the City – so she can get away with it. Gays were even defending her. Reluctantly.

    God knows Britain is full of enough people who have been Gay and then changed their mind. The Tory Party for instance. The Armed Forces. I don’t see why this is such a hard concept to grasp.

    Nor do I see what is wrong with therapy to change people if they want it.

  6. “…the Gay lifestyle is being shoved in everyone’s face. ”

    Well, I’d certainly pay to have the lesbian lifestyle shoved in my face.

    There’s not much on TV this week…….

  7. So Much For Subtlety

    bloke in spain – “Well, I’d certainly pay to have the lesbian lifestyle shoved in my face.

    There’s not much on TV this week…….”

    I will see if I can dig up a video of Andrea Dworkin and Bea Campbell doing the nasty for you then.

    What I suspect you mean is that you would pay to have the heterosexual fantasy of the lesbian lifestyle (involving, say, Jennifer Tilly and Gina Gershon) shoved in your face.

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