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Dredging the barrel

80mph speed limit \’risks rise in road deaths and obesity’


and a potential rise in obesity due to more people taking advantage of shorter car journeys.

Eh? They\’re raising the speed limit on motorways for cock\’s sake.

A motorway journey is not a subsititute for a waddle around to the corner shop for lardy buns.

14 thoughts on “Dredging the barrel”

  1. Less time in the car more time in the gym/spent with family/doing good for the big society etc – everything we are told is good for us.

    Sounds like a few extra deaths could be a goof trade-off.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    It seems that fatness is the “go to” disorder of the day. From which it follows we can predict that anything is likely to cause obesity as long as someone else disapproves of it.

    So I want to be first to claim “passive eating” causes obesity. Should be banned.

  3. This is also called shooting oneself in the foot.

    IMO the BMJ has just demonstrated that they care more about “progressive ideas” than actually doing proper research and scientific study.

    They have also demonstrated to the general public that they don’t know anything about health as most of the commentators of the article are ROTFLMAO.

  4. “‘experts’ say it” … [above, with sarcasm]

    ” by researchers from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine” [from Telegraph article, with neither sarcasm nor qualification], but there is a more specific title later:
    ” … professor of European public health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine ”


    He also deplores “populist measures”, but links his complaint to ” the recent loss of life on the M5 …” which presupposes that the sudden appearance of impenetrable fog (allegedly encouraged by fireworks smoke), causing immediate loss of visibility, was not easily the critical factor rather than speed.

  5. Oh, Puleeese!! You have all clearly missed the whole point of this detailed and exhaustive research. 80mph: 1.) kills people 10mph faster than 70mph does and 2.) the greater co2 emissions lead to ever faster global warming which extra heat causes people to expand. I would have thought this was obvious to all you sceptic denialists out there.

    Removes tinfoil hat and retreats

  6. Logically I would have thought the reverse was true. Sitting on your backside in a car for a shorter time allows more time for exercise

  7. So Much For Subtlety

    JuliaM – “Too late!”

    Andrew Duffin – “Uh, guys, you’re too late to be the first to blame passive eating.”

    Damn. There goes my Nobel prize. OK. Let me be first to claim that a lack of male sensitivity in the bedroom leading to a lack of female orgasms causes obesity.

  8. Actually SMFS, there’s some truth to that. Orgasm and chocolate have a similar effect on the brain, to the point that one can substitute for the other.

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