Err, yes, and?

Scottish independence: Wales and Northern Ireland make unity plea

Break-up of UK would lead to an English-dominated Westminster parliament, say first ministers of other home nations

The problem with this is?

As England would have 90 odd % of the nation\’s population why shouldn\’t it dominate the legislature?

5 thoughts on “Err, yes, and?”

  1. A federal design would make more sense. Wales, Nornireland, Geordienation, Thirdworldia, Hyeomecounties, East Angular, East Midlands Hindustan, etc, etc.

  2. It’s not the domination of the legislature they’re worried about per se, it’s the domination of the population etc.

  3. Thank heavens for that. You mean that disUK’ll never again be ruled by a Scottish government, like the last one?Bring it on.

  4. bloke in spain

    What amazes me is the number of Scots and Welsh I encounter who think the last government was English and therefore the mistakes it made were nothing to do with them.

  5. Dearieme and Matthew are both correct here.

    BiS is diametrically wrong: the UK has never (at least, not since the Reform Acts) been governed by a party or coalition that failed to win the majority of seats in England. Yes, even in 2005.

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