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Guardian subs to the retraining camps please

6 Jan 2012:Editorial: Despite these straitened times an Oxford-based campaign wants volunteers to donate 10% of their earnings

And what earnings do volunteers have pray?

6 thoughts on “Guardian subs to the retraining camps please”

  1. Earnings from other jobs? Although then they wouldn’t be volunteers, they would be people who pay for the privilege of giving their time to the needy – suckers.

  2. @2 Robert = baffoon

    Soldiers are employed doing a job, hence the recruiting ads:

    “Get a job with the professionals”

    Ring a bell?

  3. However, he does stumble on a point.
    The, so called, voluntary sector does indeed consist largely of people in extremely well paid careers from the charity mumpers on commission up to the CEO’s on six figure salaries. In truth they’re no more volunteers than are the despised bond traders, there being no conscription into either profession.

  4. Am I missing something here? Are they not talking about people who volunteer to sign up to the charity which commits its members to giving away 10% of their earnings from whatever field they actually work in?

  5. “Our volunteer soldiers are paid for being soldiers.”

    Indeed. As opposed to pressed men.

    However, I’m not sure whether Oxfam et al have yet been reduced to the pressgang to get people to work in their shops.

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