He didn\’t want to be remembered for St Custard\’s

Or so the obit says for Ronald Searle. So an entirely different point:

In October 1935 the Cambridge Daily News accepted his offer to provide a weekly cartoon, for which he was paid a guinea a week.

If we upgrade that by inflation we get to £80 to £150 a week as his fee. Depends whether we upgrade by retail prices or average wages.  That lower figure is about what you would get writing a column for a local paper these days.

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  1. My wife met someone recently who was being paid a penny a word.

    Tim adds: I’ve written at that price myself. £10 a thousand is just fine as long as you’re allowed to write what you like, as you like, as prolix as you like and there’s lots and lots for you to write about.

    I would quite happily churn out 3,000 words for £30. And be very pissed off indeed if someone wanted the same information, the same argument and logic, in 600 words for the same price.

    I can give you 3,000 words in an hour or two, £15 an hour isn’t all that bad a pay rate. But condensing the same down takes much more time.

    BTW, this is why L Ron Hubbard novels are so long (and bad). He was on a penny a word too.

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