In which we get fan mail from a Michael Barbazette

Which reads, in full:

dear tim,

your writing is terrible. please stop writing. do not reply.

best wishes,

I rather hope that it\’s not this Michael Barbazette:

Michael Barbazette

Primary/Secondary Education Professional

Greater Chicago Area
Primary/Secondary Education


SES Tutor at The Princeton Review
Tutor at UNO Charter School Network


DePaul University

For if it were he must have been emailing at 3, 4 am. When all good little education professionals should either be in bed or in charge of their capitals.

12 thoughts on “In which we get fan mail from a Michael Barbazette”

  1. Yup, I’d guess so.

    At least that LinkedIn profile looks very like this Facebook profile. And that Michael is an anti-G20 activist, Marxist and supporter of the Alexander / Mendoza 2012 Socialist Party Presidential campaign.

    Who is the sort of person you’d expect to be think that sending you that sort of email was the proper thing to be doing at 4am.

  2. I wonder if his other campaigns are equally well thought out (and successful?) Quite like the Dear Tim and best wishes bit though, shows some manners at least. Epically clueless mind, but polite.

  3. For an education professional he sure doesn’t like those capital letters, does he?

    Or maybe he’s just too cool to cap.

  4. Note the implicit syllogism in Borborygmus’s illiterate missive: a) your writing is terrible (matter of opinion) b) implicitly, Bandersnatch’s opinion matters therefore c) you should stop doing it.

    To which the appropriate response is: get tae fuck, laddie.

  5. Please note that, according to another of our colonial cousins, by nym ‘otontisch’, we should be ignoring Tim because he is, [coughs],

    an ethnic Chinese“.

    They must make them somewhere – bell curves don’t have that long a lower tail …

  6. Slurpy Weevil: was that on Tim’s Forbes piece about Apple? Hilarious. Tim is finally unmasked as a PRC agent provocateur. I thought from all the photos I’ve seen he had a touch of the Chinee about him: now it is confirmed. The Yellow Worstall Peril strikes again!

  7. So Much For Subtlety

    It is a pathetic comment on modern education that a distinguished educator – and educator of other people about education – things the appropriate response to political views he does not like is to try to bully someone into silence.


  8. that a distinguished educator

    Distinguished? The appalling trot is only three years out of uni – and with a Sociology degree at that. And pants Facebook security but, hey …

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