Interesting conjunction of stories

A minimum wage can be beneficial … as long as it\’s set at the right level

So is Tidjane Thiam right about minimum wage rules? The chief executive of the Prudential was outspoken in his criticism of minimum wage legislation at a high profile debate at the World Economic Forum in Davos.


3 thoughts on “Interesting conjunction of stories”

  1. Let’s see … a corporate chief in the financial sector being wined and dined at Davos, and telling us that the problem with the world is that 6 quid an hour employees are just having it too damn good?

  2. Much better for your soul to be on benefits rather than being ‘exploited’ for a less than minimum wage, even, or especially, if you have no marketeable skills. If you allowed that they might learn something and eventually be worth the minimum wage.

    What the hell, they are only proles. Plenty more where they came from.

    Actually, it is because I care (I do, I swear I do) that I want the minimum wage done away with.

    Then all sorts of poorish types might be able to take on helpers and not do it on the ‘black’.

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