Jaques Santer

What sort of confidence can anybody have in somebody who even the EU fired for incompetence?

Nigel Farage

7 thoughts on “Jaques Santer”

  1. ….”He (Santer) served both Europe and his country in the best way possible”…..

    That’s true if you are an EUsceptic, he brought even more disrepute to the organisation.

  2. They call it spiv and put this idiot in charge? I get the impression someone in there has a puckish sense of humour.

  3. Comedy gold. Now don’t you eurolosers go messing it up for those of us who bolted for our Antipodean mining boom paradise. If he starts screwing up (if?) shoot the bastard.

  4. They were looking for a true believer who could bullshit in five languages. They were looking for someone incapable of realising how crocked this spiv idea really is. They were looking for someone called Jacques.

  5. Of course he takes on the job without a salary…He’d have to pay a little tax on a salary, but what he gets by way of bukshish is tax free. None better thn he at that game.

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