Machine translation not quite there yet

Haniyeh said during the graduation ceremony of the first class of police academy in Gaza article: \’The institutions set up security on a national basis should remain a working incubator for any security in the future.\’

Haniyeh said: \’What we have built will not destroy, because the Palestinian people felt fruit construction, particularly by ending the security chaos, and the presence of police work for the home clean hands, tongue, vagina, grew up on the table Koran\’.*

Perhaps this system would work better?

* Spotted by David T.

4 thoughts on “Machine translation not quite there yet”

  1. can we propose a distinction between tasks that should be done by machine and actually can be done by them – technical manuals for example, which might extend for hundreds of pages, eg how to strip down and clean a Kalashnikov, or how to program a telephone exchange or attack drone or nuclear reactor, versus value-add translation, eg of the wisdom of DBC Reed?

  2. If technical manuals can be done by machines why do flesh and bones translators still get sent them? They’re actually the last things the machines will be able to tackle.

  3. JamesV – my understanding was that the bulk of technical manuals are translated by machine, with people acting as quality control but you may have better data.

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