Oh, well done Ed, well done!

The taxpayer has lost almost £900million on the value of its shares in Royal Bank of Scotland and Lloyds Banking Group amid fears that the backlash against bonuses would damage their performance.

Yah, I know, cheap shot, but wouldn\’t it have been better to let Hester keep his shares?

3 thoughts on “Oh, well done Ed, well done!”

  1. Don’t blame me! I never opposed Stephen Hester getting his bonus (well deserved in my opinion).

    Oh, you’re talking about a different Ed…

  2. That would be the bonus based on a contract drawn up by the last labour governmnet and agreed by a cabinet of which he was a minister?

  3. The Telegraph story is bollocks, the whole European banking sector was off about 3.5% yesterday, presumably in reaction to Sarkozy’s transaction tax. Not, I would think, because French taxes are very important to the banks, but because it’s possible he’s made a plan with Merkel to apply the tax more widely.

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