Profoundly trivial

The 69-year-old singer and William \”Willie\” Wilkerson hope to marry later this year in Miami, with the wedding expected to take place on a beach with a private party afterwards on board a yacht.

The pair became engaged over the Christmas holidays, according to news agency AP.

\”We\’re looking at June or July for our date, and no I\’m not pregnant, LOL!,\” Franklin said in a statement.

Franklin\’s new fiance is a former firefighter who she reportedly met more than 27 years ago while signing autographs in her hometown of Detroit, Michigan. The pair struck up a friendship after Wilkerson asked the singer to sign the cast around his broken leg.

I\’ve a memory floating around the back of my mind somewhere about this. A TV documentary, shown back in the 90s it must have been. You know the sort of thing, \”The Career of the Queen of Soul\” or some such, clips of songs, bits of voice over, snippets of (then modern day) interviews with the star.

Two things I remember about it (the clips of course we\’ve all seen a thousand times on this or that show). One was hearing about her fear of flying (or was it just general dislike of travel?….shows how good memory is at my age, eh?) the other was her giggling like a schoolgirl as she said that her current \”man\” was a firefighter.

And just to remind you how good she was……and how odd Cliff Richard was…….

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    A tailored gown? I bet, I bet. A girl has got to be big if she wants a big voice, but it has its costs.

    Still you missed the big news – Katherine Jenkins has broken up with her boyo? Quick, let me dust my old Tux off and find me dancing shoes. I’m off to the Welsh Valleys. Why did no one tell me sooner?

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