Ritchie\’s economic plan

A plan for #growth: close the tax gap; green quantitative easing; 25% of pension contributions invested in job creation. Go for it #Labour

There it is in all it\’s glory.

Reduce fiscal stimulus by collecting more taxes, print money to spend it and mandate that 25% of all pension plans be handed over to venture capitalists.

Anti-Keynesian, highly inflationary and enriching the finance industry. How very left wing of him.

22 thoughts on “Ritchie\’s economic plan”

  1. I love the phrase “green quantitative easing”… Let’s you know right away that you’re dealing with a moron.

  2. You know, if you have a plan to revive the economy of an entire nation and said plan can easily be expressed in less than 25 words, chances are it’s a plan best kept to yourself.

  3. “Green Quantitative Easing”. That sounds like a very nasty stomach bug.

    I wish the late Auberon Waugh was still alive. How he would have enjoyed dealing with this extraordinary character.

  4. A couple of weeks ago the idea of ‘investing’ pensions came up in the national media, but this time it was the PUBLIC pension pot, and the unions were strangely unenthusiastic.

    Odd how it’s a great idea for private pensions but not for public ones…

  5. Richard, I appreciate it hasn’t been much used recently, but it has been common parlance on here to describe the appalling little statist:

    “Weapons’ Grade Cock End”

  6. Front page headline of the year in the Times: local labour party offices upset because the national party is seizing its property to use as collateral for raising money.

    Socialists complaining about a higher power seizing their property. I laughed and laughed.

  7. “I appreciate it hasn’t been much used recently,…” Not used but taken as a given.

    I’d be fascinated to learn how Murphy conducts pocket money negotiations with his boy child. Presumably the impecunious lad is now in hock for his future allowances to age 80 & is using his John Bull Printing outfit to counterfeit fivers.

  8. Labour? If they were in power it would only be the parasites round the edges coming up with ideas of such exquisite unsuitability.

    But, thankfully, that would still describe our Ritchie, wouldn’t it. And, pace the Ed’n’Ed comedy duo’s recent union-baiting, his paymasters too?

  9. to be serious for a moment, I think that the efforts of HMRC to crack down on the black economy are causing lots of strain. The staff at HMRC are demoralised and sending out tax assessments with random numbers on them. Economic activity of all kinds is shading down. Can you find a plumber or gas fitter these days to fix your pipes or boiler?

    Result for the WGCE!!!

  10. Richard Allan

    It’s one of those accounting peculiarities, isn’t it. Note issuance shows up in central bank liabilities, but nothing has actually been lent to them.

  11. So Much For Subtlety

    Rub-a-dub: “Q: What form will this green quantitative easing take?
    A: It will be Solyndracal”

    That’s Stage 1. Stage 2 means moving to a more Soylent-ical form of Green Quantitative Easing.

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