So now the Lancet is publishing Tom Clancey

There we all were naively thinking the Olympics would bring pride, excitement and tourism revenue to London this summer. But what none of us has properly accounted for, according to six new papers published in Lancet Infectious Diseases, are the health risks to visitors of stampedes, heatstroke and mass infections.

Events ranging from Barack Obama\’s inauguration and Glastonbury through to the Hajj pilgrimage and football World Cups have all provided evidence that is now being used to minimise the health risks that will accompany the London games. A system called Bio Diaspora will be used, which tracks air traffic to help anticipate the global spread of diseases. The internet will also be closely monitored to spot early geographical evidence of \”disease activity\”.

As we all remember the plot of Rainbow Six is the deliberate introduction of a virus (some form of ebola?) into the crwods at the Sydney Olympics.

Good to see that the doctors are keeping up with fine literature.

5 thoughts on “So now the Lancet is publishing Tom Clancey”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Clearly doctors have so little to do they have to make stuff up to justify their existence.

    Well “doctors” is perhaps not fair. I expect these are “public health experts”.

  2. “The internet will also be closely monitored to spot early geographical evidence of “disease activity”.”

    What does this mean? Monitoring FaceBook to see who has changed their status to ‘coming down with the sniffles’?

  3. This would be the same Lancet that published “research” funded by autism activists showing that the MMR vaccine caused autism?
    Well, to be fair, the Lancet has scrubbed such nonsense from its archive.

  4. Julia,

    They watch Google trends to see when searches for anything related to flu symptoms rises above the normal background noise in any particular region, I guess they can do the same with Twitter.

    I haven’t read Rainbow Six, but in Executive Orders Ebola is used as a bioweapon.

    In the previous book, Debt of Honor, someone flies a jumbo into the Capitol, do you think terrorists read Clancy?

  5. The bioweapon was called Shiva in Rainbow 6 but I thought it was based on pneumonic plague for some reason. Actually it is ebola.

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